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Don`t abuse Yayasan Sarawak school uniform vouchers
24 May 2017

KOTA SAMARAHAN: Parents are told not to abuse the Yayasan Sarawak school uniform vouchers for other purposes.

Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah said the vouchers are only meant for school uniforms.

Abdul Karim (centre) giving away the excellence award to one of the students while Azmi (left) looks on. Photo by Chimon Upon.

He said each voucher bears a list of items to be bought and must be used to get them.

I hope parents will not change the vouchers for cash as that will be a breach of trust.

If your child entitled to the vouchers already has enough school uniform, then use it to buy uniforms for your other children, he said at the handover of education aid by Yayasan Sarawak here yesterday.

Abdul Karim, who is Asajaya assemblyman, said the school uniform aid was a state initiative to ease the financial burden of students, their parents and guardians.

Earlier, Yayasan Sarawak director Azmi Bujang said nearly 20,000 students statewide had been shortlisted for the school uniform aid this year. The number was selected from the 60,000 applicants received last year.

He said those shortlisted for the aid were based on the updated list of households registered with e-Kasih.

This year, we have increased the amount from RM100 to RM200, after considering the grouses of parents who said RM100 was not enough to buy quality uniforms that can last.

Priority is given to the Primary 1 and Form 1 students who will begin their school life at primary and secondary school level, he said.

Azmi said for this year they will give away all the vouchers as soon as possible while next year they plan to give them away before March.

Some 244 students in Samarahan received the school uniform vouchers, 111 received local scholarships and 98 received students excellence awards.

Excellence awards were given to students who excelled in the SPM and STPM examination in 2016.

Source : The Borneo Post Online

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