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  Pelajar IPT wajib memohon pinjaman PTPTN dahulu. Sekiranya permohonan ditolak, maka anda layak memohon Skim Pinjaman Pelajaran Yayasan Sarawak.
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Client Charter

In line with The Sarawak Foundation's objectives and the responsibilities entrusted, we pledge to our clients that we will:

  • expedite efficiently process all application for our educational assistance schemes so that they may proceed with their studies unhampered by financial worry.

  • Instill awareness of their joint role and responsibilities in promoting better education for all, and that education is an essential investment for the future.

  • Provide update and detailed educational information to assist them in making the right choices with regard to their educational plans.

  • Help the state government to create and expand activities, which contribute to the progress of education in the state of Sarawak.

  • Assist the state government and relevant authorities in easing the burden faced by those affected by natural disaster and calamities.

To carry out the pledge made, we aspire to provide the best by practicing an efficient work culture, trustworthiness, friendliness, tolerance and dedication, hence, we ensure that:


  • All application for Education Assistance Schemes (Education Loan, Full Loan, Matriculation Loan, Revolving Fund, Air Travel, Local Scholarships, Examination Fees Loan and Student Exchange Programme Scholarship) will be processed immediately and a feedback on progress made within two weeks from approval of the application.

  • Payment for Local Scholarships shall be made the schools within two weeks upon receiving the complete students' performance report.

  • Payment for Education Loans shall be made within two weeks upon receiving the complete students' results;

  • Issue of receipt for payment of Education Loan shall be made within three days if received by post and immediately for counter payment.
    Educational Loan Repayment Statement shall be issued within three days upon request.


  • To provide a user-friendly environment with good facilities and customer service;

  • To deal with all complaints immediately and to response within two weeks;

  • To improver Service Quality from time to time;

  • Supplier will be remunerated within one month of receipt of invoice.


  • To issue receipts pertaining to investment and property management within three days for payment made by post and immediately for counter payment.

In serving our clients, we aim to uphold our UTAMA slogan, which means;

U - Unggul / Excellence
T - Tepat dan Telus / Accurately and Transparency
A - Amanah dan Akauntabiliti / Trustworthiness and Accountability
M - Mesra / Friendliness
A - Aktif / Active



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