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Forewords from the Sarawak Foundation's Chairman

Assalamu'alaikum dan Welcome; 

The Sarawak Foundation is a government agency vital to the efforts of developing education in this country. In particular, it provides education programmes and government sponsored schemes for local students. Human Resource development is a priority in both the state of Sarawak and the country as a whole.

The circulation of information about these programmes and schemes needs to be effective. In this IT era, finding ways of disseminating information is not problematic. We have various media at our disposal such as newspapers, TV and radio and now the Internet.

I am very proud that the Foundation's management have posted this website to bring us closer to our customers. It is my hope that this site will be useful to all, especially students.

I hope that the Sarawak Foundation will continue to develop educational subsidies and schemes for the furtherance of education in this state.

Thank you.

Ketua Menteri Sarawak
merangkap Pengerusi Yayasan Sarawak


Forewords from the Sarawak Foundation's Director

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabaraktuh and warmest regards.

Through this website, we have prepared for you a variety of information. Apart from dissemination of information via our news bulletin, brochures, exhibitions and such, it is in our humble opinion that this website can provide further information and reference without being limited by time or boundaries in line with the latest IT technologies.

The Sarawak Foundation shall strive to string together the most concise and precise information possible for our clients. It is of utmost importance that our customers get an accurate picture of the educational programs provided by us and their awareness towards the responsibilities of the Sarawak Foundation.

It is my intention and also the staff of the foundation to one day make it a truly "cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang" (excellence, glory and distinction) organization. As an organization that is service-oriented, the Sarawak Foundation shall always enhance and improve its service quality towards its clients.

I hope that the information provided through this website will greatly benefited our clients.

Thank you.

Pengarah Yayasan Sarawak


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