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Sarawak Crest

Logo & Colours

Last updated on July 6th, 2020 at 12:31 pm

The Sarawak Foundation’s logo is in the integration of a dynamic, progressive and innovative organization. The logo reflects the role of Sarawak Foundation in the field of education for the development of quality human capital.

The design of Sarawak Foundation logo uses the integrated geometric form, representing the vision, mission and aspiration of the organization towards achieving a developed nation.


kuning yellow Yellow
Flame, representing the ever burning desire to promote the growth of knowledge.
hijau green Green
Prosperity and progress of the State of Sarawak
biru blue Blue
The clear vision, mission and aspiration of the Foundation


Yayasan Sarawak’s role in the field of education, providing services in the development of quality human capital
  Open Book
Represent volumes of knowledge as the foundation in the development of human capital.
  Y and S Alphabet
Acronym for Yayasan Sarawak.