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Program and Assistance

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 02:38 pm

  • A scheme that aims to create national integration between the Peninsula, Sarawak and Sabah. This scheme involves sponsoring and sending excellent students to Form 1 and Form 4 in:
    • Full Boarding School/High Performance School and GENIUS@Pintar Negara College in Peninsular Malaysia.
    • Selected schools in Sarawak for students from Sabah and Peninsular Malaysia.
    • Selected schools in Sabah and the Federal Territory of Labuan for students from Sarawak under the sponsorship of Yayasan Sabah.
  • Malaysian citizen and no other sponsorship/scholarship.
  • Passed the Special School Entrance Assessment (PKSK).
  • Get a place at a Full Boarding School/High Performance School or GENIUS@Pintar Negara College.
  • Covering Sarawak Students born and resident in Sarawak to the Peninsula and Labuan, Sabah Students born and resident in Sabah to Sarawak, Peninsular Students born and resident in the Peninsula to Sarawak.
  • Fees, book allowance, stationery, school/association uniform, official requirements and pocket money.
  • Return flight ticket once a year.
  • A community program to raise awareness among the community about the importance of Education for children and the Educational opportunities provided to further their studies at universities under the Sarawak Foundation.
  • The target groups are:
    • Primary and Secondary School Students.
    • Parents, School leavers, Community Leaders and local communities.
Program Components
  • Sarawak Education Expo.
  • Career and Education Day Program.
  • Educational Awareness Program.
  • My University My Choice.
Program Implementation
  • Through the collaboration of the State Education Department, District Education Office, Resident Office and District Office.
  • Easing the financial burden on parents in providing for their children’s schooling needs.
  • Open to all eligible students based on e-Kasih data.
  • Year 1 and Form 1 students.
  • Students with special needs (OKU).
  • Penan students.
  • Confirmed by the District Focus Group.
  • The school identifies eligible students, channeled through the District Education Office to be presented and confirmed by the District Focus Group.
  • The list is sent through the Resident Office for Sarawak Foundation to consider.
  • A pioneering initiative by the Sarawak Government to improve the well-being and ease the burden of the people, especially those with low incomes.
  • Pupils category B40 (Families with a household income below RM3,720.00 per month).
  • Eligible students will be provided with a QR card.
  • The QR card must be carried by students every time they get on and off the bus to be scanned by the bus operator as a record of service usage.
  • The application for this service is submitted by the School.
  • The school will register eligible students into the System.
  • Improving the performance of selected Primary and Secondary Schools in rural areas.
  • Bridging the achievement gap between urban and rural schools.
Program Components
  • Academic Guidance.
  • Camping.
  • Motivation.
  • School and Parent Day.
  • School Appreciation Ceremony.
  • As a support program through the cooperation of the State Education Department.
  • Increase the GPMP of Students, especially those in the GALUS category.
  • Improving GPMP for Core Subjects (Malay, English, Mathematics, Science and History).
  • Improving the GPS of Schools and the State of Sarawak.
  • Involves secondary schools that are not in the categories of High Performance Schools, Full Boarding Schools, and Schools under the HiPERS program.
  • The schools involved will identify qualified students to be involved in the Tuition Class initiative by subject.
  • Student participation in Tuition Classes is voluntary.
  • Priority is given to Form 5 students in the GALUS (‘borderline’) category, especially those in the B40 group.
  • The main focus is on students in Form 5 who will sit for SPM.
  • To improve students’ English proficiency in preparation for continuing their studies at university.
  • Giving students the opportunity to continue their studies at the foundation, diploma or degree level at Sarawak Foundation universities such as Curtin University Malaysia (Miri), Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak (Kuching), University of Technology Sarawak (Sibu), i-CATS University College (Kuching), and Laila Taib College (Sibu).
  • To expose students to the ‘Experience of Living in a University Campus’ where they have the opportunity to learn about the opportunities and facilities available at Yayasna Sarawak’s university.
  • Special for SPM and STPM Graduates.
  • SPM and STPM graduates who are interested can contact the Sarawak Foundation university directly to register for this program.
  • Course fees are free.
  • Dormitory is also provided free of charge for participants outside the Area.
  • An allowance of RM300 will be given to participants.
  • Incentives for students who have achieved excellent results in public examinations.
  • Encourage students to work hard to achieve academic excellence.
  • Urban School: SPM=A in all subjects; STPM=4A or CGPA 4.0
  • Rural School : SPM=minimum 7A and B in all other subjects: STPM=CGPA 3.5 and above.
  • Students do not need to apply. The final list of recipients is done in collaboration with the Sarawak State Education Department.
  • Prizes in the form of BSN Premium Savings Certificates with the following amounts:
    • SPM: RM500.00
    • STPM: RM700.00
  • Awarding of appreciation to the school, its leadership, teachers, students and education service officers who have shown exceptional performance contributing to the excellence of education in this state.
  • Promote excellence and healthy competition among schools, students and education service staff.
  • The school submits the nomination to the Sarawak State Education Department.
  • The awardee is not eligible for nomination for at least the next 3 years.
  • Open to all government and government aided schools.
  • To recognize the excellent achievements of Sarawak graduates in IPTA and also IPTS (owned by Yayasan Sarawak) in Sarawak.
  • The university will submit the nomination of excellent graduates.
    Recipients will receive an Excellent Graduate Certificate as well as a cash prize.
  • Assist the Department of Education to implement special programs that are considered critical but have no allocation in their annual budget.
  • The State Department of Education identifies their critical programs based on the approved budget.
  • All programs are reviewed annually.
  • Must be approved by the Education Committee.