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Yayasan Sarawak
Sarawak Crest

Program and Assistance

  • The scheme aims to foster national integration through this program involving the peninsular states, Sarawak and Sabah. This sponsorship scheme targets academically outstanding students for admission into Form 1 and Form 4 classes as follows:
    • Selected premier schools and Kolej Permata Pintar in Peninsular Malaysia.
    • Selected premier schools in Sabah and Labuan.
    • Students selected by Sabah Foundation for admission into selected premier schools in Sarawak
  • Accepted for admission to the respective premier schools and Pusat Permata Pintar.
  • Sat for public examinations in government or government aided schools in Sarawak with a minimum 5As (UPSR) and 8A (PT3).
  • Priority given to children from needy families
Scope of Assistance
  • Fees, books and stationeries
  • Allowances for school uniform and basic necessities
  • Annual return air fares
  • Community Program to create awareness among the public on the importance of education and assistance provided for those in need. The target groups are:
    • Primary and Secondary School Students.
    • Parents, school leavers youth & community leaders.
Program Components
  • Education Roadshow.
  • Educational Awareness Program.
  • IPT and Technical Institution Tour Program.
Program Implementation
  • Collaboration with State Education Department, District Education Office, Resident and District Office or other relevant agencies.
  • Easing the financial burden of parents in providing their children’s schooling needs.
  • Children from families registered in the e-Kasih programme
  • Year 1 and Form 1 students
  • Students with special needs (disabilities)
  • Penan students
  • Endorsed by the Regional Focus Group
Type of Assistance
  • Voucher worth RM200.00 for each recipients for the purchase of school uniforms, shoes and school bags at registered outlets throughout Sarawak.
  • Please click for a list of registered supplier references.
Program Implementation
  • Schools identify eligible students, processed by the District Education Office and deliberated at the Regional Focus Group Committee for endorsement and verified by the Resident Office before submission to Yayasan Sarawak.
  • A pioneering initiative by the Sarawak Government for the welfare of the people, particularly the low-income group.
  • Providing free bus service with scheduled time and route thus helping to reduce traffic in the town area.
  • Kuching city has been selected for the trial and the service will be expanded to other high population cities such as Bintulu, Miri and Sibu.
  • Open to all students of the school listed.
  • The free bus service is based on the concept of ‘hop-on hop-off’.
List of Schools Involved
  • SJK (C) Sungai Apong, SJK Chung Hua Kuching, SK Gita, SK Matang Jaya, SK Merpati Jepang, SK Petra Jaya, SK Rakyat Jalan Haji Bolhasan, SK Semariang, SK Semerah Padi, SK St. Andrew (M), SK Tabuan, SK Tabuan Hilir, SMK Bako, SMK Bandar Semariang, SMK Batu Kawa, SMK Jalan Arang, SMK Kuching High, SMK Matang Hilir, SMK Matang Jaya, SMK Pending, SMK Petra Jaya, SMK Santubong, SMK Semerah Padi, SMK Seri Setia, SMK St. Joseph, SMK St. Mary, SMK St. Teresa, SMK St. Thomas, SMK Tun Abang Haji Openg & SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Bus Route
  • Improve the overall performance of selected rural schools.
  • Narrowing the performance gaps between rural and urban schools.
Program Components
  • Academic Counselling.
  • Student Camp.
  • Motivation.
  • Tours.
  • A complimentary programme in collaboration with State Education Department
  • Inculcate reading habits among school children
Program Components
  • Supplying reading materials to selected primary and secondary schools
  • Schools and books identification through collaboration with State Education Department
  • Incentives to students who obtained outstanding results in public examinations.
  • Encourage academic excellence among students
  • Urban Schools: all A's in SPM and all A or CGPA 4.00 in STPM subjects
  • Rural Schools: SPM=minimum of 7 As and Bs for other subjects; STPM=CGPA 3.5 and above
  • Students do not have to apply. Final list of recipients is done in collaboration with the Sarawak State Education Department.
  • Awards in the form of BSN Premium Savings Certificate as follows:
    • SPM : RM500.00
    • STPM : RM700.00
  • Rewarding exceptional performance among schools, their leadership, teachers, students and staff of the state education service for the contributions towards education excellence in the state.
  • Encourage excellence and healthy competitions among schools, students and those in the education service.
  • Schools submit nominations to the State Education Department
  • The award recipients are not eligible for nomination within the next 3 years.
  • Open to all government and government-aided schools.
  • Assisting the State Education Department in implementing special programmes considered critical but not within their annual budget.
  • State Education Department to identify critical programmes based on the budget allocated
  • The programmes are reviewed annually
  • Final approval by the Board’s Education Committee